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Since I was a little girl I've always been obsessed with events. Coming from a very talented and creative family my life has been surrounded by events! Being a proud Latina coming from a small island, family gatherings have always been a priority. I remember seeing my family members teaming up and planning for weddings, baby showers, welcome home parties, and having the best time! I lost count of how many events we planned as a family and they have always turned out to be the best times. I also remember visiting as a kid our city of San Juan and seeing these amazing kiosks with the best sweets.

Old & Sweet was born during a conversation with my husband about what makes people happy and how much we can enjoy a treat! After years in the corporate world planning employee engagement events, I said to myself: "I can do this for a living! Why not?". This is when my husband Erick and I decided to take on a journey that we knew would not feel like work. We decided to bring to every event something "old" and something "sweet". Why old, because cotton has been around for years (1897), and it is part of those "good old times". And also something sweet, but with no regrets since we ensure we deliver the right product, 100% organic sugars. Join us on a journey of old yet sweet memories...

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